Areas of Interest

  • Sex differences
  • Intergenerational family relationships in evolutionary perspective
  • Universal language screening of 4-year-old children (with mit Prof. K. Neumann, University of Bochum)
  • Kassel Stuttering Therapy (with Dr. A. Wolff v. Gudenberg, since 1996; Contact for persons interested in our treatment: Dr. W. v. Gudenberg, Tel. +49-5677-925107, Fax -925108)
  • fMRI of persons who stutter or who have stuttered (with Prof. K. Neumann, University of Bochum)
  • Olfactory comfort (with Prof. Donald McBurney, University of Pittsburgh)
  • Early detection of stuttering
  • Comparative effectiveness of stuttering treatments
  • Unassisted recovery in adult persons who stutter